Our Portfolio



Walter Brown Ice Arena   18,000 Sq Ft
Tsongas Ice Arena   18,000 Sq Ft
S+S Ice Arena   18,000 Sq Ft
Portsmouth Abbey Ice Arena   18,000 Sq Ft
Veteran's Memorial Ice Arena   18,000 Sq Ft
Attleboro Ice Arena   18,000 Sq Ft


Stop & Shop Supermarkets   75,000 Sq Ft
ALDI Supermarkets   25,000 Sq Ft
Daves's Marketplace    30,000Sq Ft
Price Rite Supermarkets   30,000 Sq Ft
Shaw's Supermarkets   75,000 Sq Ft
Whole Foods   20,000 Sq Ft


Park Ave. Self Storage   118,740 Sq Ft
Moody Street Self Storage   130,000 Sq Ft
Waltham Self Storage   126,000 Sq Ft
PODS Self Storage Facility   40,000 Sq Ft
Self Storage of RI   80,000 Sq Ft
Smithfield Self Storage   120,000 Sq Ft


Centre of New England   800,000 Sq Ft
Smithfield Crossings   450,000 Sq Ft
Shoppes at Blackstone Valley   300,000 Sq Ft
Wareham Crossings   306,500 Sq Ft
Shoppes at Quonset Point   304,000 Sq Ft


Moore Manufacturing   60,000 Sq Ft
Ocean Spray Cranberry   80,000 Sq Ft
Tech-Etch   36,000 Sq Ft
Summer Infant   57,000 Sq Ft
Okanite   40,000 Sq Ft


Inskip Auto Malls   350,000 Sq Ft
Herb Chambers Lexus   130,000 Sq Ft
Bay State Ford   37,500 Sq Ft
Clay Chevrolet   25,000 Sq Ft
Nissan Village   40,000 Sq Ft
CARMAX   28,000 Sq Ft


Polar Beverage   270,000 Sq Ft
Tees Plus   27,000 Sq Ft
Baker Distributors   30,000 Sq Ft
Fed Ex Distribution Centers   120,000 Sq Ft
A. Duie Pyle Terminals   46,500 Sq Ft
Atlantic Light Fixtures   57,500 Sq Ft
L.Knife & Sons   39,500 Sq Ft
BJ's Wholesale Clubs   135,000 Sq Ft
Carnation Warehouse   650,000 Sq Ft


Orchard Cove Assisted Living   700,000 Sq Ft
Albion Courts Assisted Living   60,000 Sq Ft
Skateboarding Parks   11,000 Sq Ft
Chapel View Parking Garage   81,600 Sq Ft
WBZ-TV Studio (FF 100 Superflat)   15,000 Sq Ft
Oak Street Apartment Building   30,000 Sq Ft
Grandville Apartments at Greenwich 300,000 Sq Ft


CVS   20,000 Sq Ft
Walgreens   20,000 Sq Ft
Rite Aid   20,000 Sq Ft
OSCO Drug   20,0000Sq Ft


Home Depots   135,000 Sq Ft
Lowe's   125,000 Sq Ft


Mill Creek Marina   2,800 Sq Ft
Bayside Boat Storage   32,000 Sq Ft
Striper's Marina   11,000 Sq Ft

About Us

Lonsdale Concrete Floors, has been serving New England for over 30 years, along with its sister company, A J Concrete Pumping. This tandem effort will provide optimal services on any concrete flatwork project, from structural concrete placement to laser screed services.

AJ Concrete Pumping Services

  • Booms from 23 m. to 55 m. 220 per hour
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Matt Pumping
  • Fleet Pumping
  • Line Pumps

Lonsdale Concrete Floors

  • Slab on Grade
  • Slab on Decks
  • Surface Hardened Slabs
  • Structural Concrete Placement
  • High/Low Rise

Lonsdale Concrete

30 years and growing, of concrete excellence!

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